Technology Technicians

Technology can be your business’s best friend! or it’s worst enemy…

Does I.T. drive you mad?, Don’t let I.T. get you down! , I.T. is what we do!

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Need Help with I.T.?

Let’s face I.T. life is much more complex these days and whether it is home or business life we now have a host of digital devices and services to “make your life easier!” 👀

Which for those not pre-disposed to technology just means…more headaches…

Everything from programming the new Smart TV, mobile, tablet or smartwatch through to setting up your fridge on “The internet of things” if it’s Internet or computer related, chances are we can help you!


Help Me Obi-Wan!

On-Site & Remote Technical Services for PC & Mac Computers - Hardware & Software troubleshooting & repairs. Android & Iphones, Peripherals, Online Accounts & Services & Much More!..

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System running a tad slow?

Time for a cleanup! or maybe even a RAM or SSD upgrade! There are many reasons computers slow down over time...Does not mean it's time for the bin!

Take my Hand!

Feel like you are drowning in I.T. Jargon?
Help desk a tad hard to understand when you call for support?
Need help with the "so called - basic stuff?"

    Backing up your photos - contacts - emails -documents on both your computers & phones? New Computer/Laptop Setup? Windows setup, Office, emails, programs, docs, pics, videos, backup routine, internet connection, social media, online banking, specific websites, favourites, bookmarks etc

Android & IOS Support

Is your phone backing up Atomatically to a cloud? Contacts, Videos, Pictures? Everything?
If not a cloud, when was the last time you performed a manual backup?
Is your phones Operating system up to date? What about malware & virus protection?
If that is all another language or makes you roll your eyes, best give us your phone...before it dies... 🙂

Thanks to Technology how we do business is changing...

Modern Mobile Business
Remote & Cloud Computing

Do Business on the Run? Need to be connected to your clouds or remotely back to the office?

Have all your devices correctly synced, email accounts available seemlessly on all devices at once?

It’s the little things that can save you large chunks of time & productivity in the long run!

Get set up right from the start!

Talk to us about what technology you will need to accomplish your business goals!

Trying to start you own online business?

Want to sell stuff but can't decide between etsy, e-bid, ebay, fb marketplace or gumtree?

A lot of people get overwhelmed with the digital "setup", Don't Be! We can help!

Maybe you should register a domain and set up a site of your own with shopping cart? (Shopify? Woocommerce? Proprietary Shop?)
Don’t forget to set up your social accounts and integrate them into your site if you have one, as well as link them so as to reduce posting workload…Do you know how to optimise those photos you took of your products on your DSLR? Both to speed up the overall load time of your site, and also to get past the upload limit of some cookie cutter web site builders… These are only a few of the factors that need to be considered…Good news is! We can help with all of it! Either on-demand with (Help me Obi-Wan), or as a part of our “Supported Entrepreneur” program. 

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